This blog used to be on Open Salon, where it was called “People Will Talk: Jim Crutchfield’s Language Blog”, but I got fed up with Salon.com, the parent site of Open Salon, so I decided to quit giving it free content. It’s not that all that many people ever looked at my blog, though I did get a few comments at the beginning; and I only posted maybe once a year, on average; but I’d been pretty sick of Salon.com for years, for reasons anybody who’s known the site since the 1990s will know; and its current, absurd campaign to blame the South for the Tea Party and all that’s wrong with America was just the last straw.

Also, the name needed changing, even though I still like the old one, because I wound up writing far more about written language than about talking. So now it’s “Crutchfield’s Orthoglossary”, which is supposed to suggest a source of correct language, but with these Greek-Latin-English hybrids, who knows?