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Most significantly, Microsoft waived the white flag on social media when it pulled the plug on Windows Live Journal, dumping the blogging platform’s users onto the open source WordPress system.


Microsoft’s defenders, and Microsoft itself, point to the company’s lock on the PC operating system market (more than 90%) as proof it’s still a dominant player that controls a bunker from which it can generate piles of cash and withstand reversals in other segments.

But that’s just whistling past the graveyard, spouting a tune written from backward-looking data not particularly useful for gauging the impact that hugely disruptive new products like tablets and smartphones and even tablet-smartphone hybrids are about to have on Microsoft’s place in IT.

Paul McDougall, “Microsoft Looking Like An End-Stage Company”, InformationWeek
October 30, 2010 04:00 AM

No, I didn’t forget about “waived” in the first sentence.  It’s just that . . . I mean . . . holy cow!