The halted rollout is no consolation to early adoptees affected by the data deletion bug, however.

Brad Chacos, PCWorld, “Microsoft pulls Windows 10 October 2018 Update after reports of mass file deletion“, 6 October 2018

The suffix -ee (as in referee, draftee), according to Etymonline.com, is descended from the Anglo-French past participle, and denotes the recipient of an action.  There is a strange trend, I don’t know how old, to tack -ee onto a verb in order to denote the doer of an action, as in standeeattendee, and, as above, adoptee.  Standee and attendee simply should not exist (stander and attender would do just fine, if we needed them), but adoptee has existed for over a hundred years, and it means “one who is adopted”, not one who adopts.