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The expression, “as such”, is usually used nowadays to mean “that being the case”, which makes no sense.  Today I saw an article in which it is used to mean “as such”; so, by way of giving credit where credit is due, even to a paid prater, even to an Englishman, I offer this quotation:

The closure brings to an end more than two decades in which the Weekly Standard punched well above its weight. Backed initially by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, which sold the magazine to Clarity Media in 2009, it became the bible of neo-conservatism.

As such it provided a platform to core neocons who would go on to play key roles within the rightwing universe.

Ed Pilkington, “Weekly Standard, rightwing magazine opposed to Trump, closes after 23 yearsGuardian, 14 December 2018

My only gripe is that “such” should be followed by a comma; but this is a newspaper, and newspapers, even in their Web incarnations, are bigoted against commas.