Somebody who writes headlines for Politifact doesn’t know how to use the verbs to attribute and to credit:

Meme incorrectly attributes Winston Churchill for quote on Muslims and minority rights

Headline, Politifact, 20 December 2018

NFL’s Colin Kaepernick incorrectly credits Winston Churchill for quote about lies

Headline, Politifact, 9 October 2017

The first headline is simply wrong. The second is defensible but bad.

To attribute requires an indirect object. The quotation is the thing attributed (the direct object), and Winston Churchill is the person to whom it is attributed (the indirect object).

To credit, in the sense of “to acknowledge” or “to give credit to”, requires the preposition with, not for. That’s fairly arbitrary, and both to acknowledge [somebody] and to give credit to [somebody] take the preposition for, so it’s easy to see where the mistake comes from, but these conventions are what make language intelligible and permit precise shades of meaning.