In an article in the Independent on new developments in the novichok poisonings case in England, we find this:

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied any involvement in the poisoning, accusing British intelligence agencies of staging the attack to stoke anti-Russian hysteria. But those denials have sometimes pushed the realms credibility in the face of an increasing body of evidence produced by internet researchers like Bellingcat, and its founder Eliot Higgins.

Samuel Osborne and Oliver Carroll, “Denis Sergeev: Third Skripal suspect identified as high-ranking Russian spy, say reports”, The Independent, 14 February 2019

Presumably, the writers meant, “pushed the limits of credibility”, but they couldn’t separate that from “outside (or beyond) the realm of credibility”, another expression that uses the word credibility. This is what happens when newspapers fire all their copy editors, but it’s also an example of sloppy thinking on the part of the writers.

You can’t push a realm, let alone more than one.